IT would appear Willy- Walker's Wonders Ladies football team did not die with the departure of Hornets Mike Walker and Johnny Williams. Instead, their baby gave birth.

Following an item on this site on the team after talking to Mike Walker, I have been directed to a local Internet site.

It states: "The original trials for the Wonders were held in Cassiobury Park, which brought forth a team of 18 players, to be managed by Doug Hewish and trained by John Williams and Mike Walker.

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"Originally, the club was known as the supporters club ladies team, but later became known as "Willy Walker Wonders" after the two coaches.

"Following the departure of John Williams, the name again changed to Walker's Watford Wonders, and again after Mike Walkers departure to its present name, Watford Ladies Football Club.

"The club performed extremely well in its formative years, and was fortunate to exist during the early years of organised ladies league football."

Enter Watford Town Girls FC which was formed in May 1991 by Stephan Small.

"The club was originally called Watford and Harrow Girls FC and started out with just five girls at the first training session held at Cassiobury Park, following an advertisement in the Watford Observer.

"With the five girls and a borrowed kit they entered a small five-a-side competition and managed a runners-up place.

"This small success was highlighted in the local paper and brought forth a number of new players.

"By the end of that summer the club had enough players to join the Brent Girls 11-a-side League for season 1991/92.

"However with the club name incorporating two different towns, the club struggled to gain support from the local press and the local council hence, in 1992, the club was renamed Watford Girls FC.

"The change of name had the desired effect and support from both the Watford Council and the Watford Observer was more forthcoming in the form of publicity.

"The club had grown to a membership of around 30 girls in 1992 and was then able to enter two 11-a-side teams at Under-12 and Under-14 age groups.

"In 1993 the club was again forced to change its name, due to objections from Watford Ladies FC who complained that people would confuse Watford Girls FC with a junior section of their club, henceforth the club was renamed Watford Town Girls FC.

"Although the club was achieving great success on the pitch, it was still far behind its competitors in terms of kit, equipment and pitch facilities.

"Stephan Small contacted various local councillors to attempt to gain some support for facilities within the Borough of Watford, and eventually the director of leisure at Watford Council decided to investigate the club's plight.

"A site was recognized as being ideal for the club's needs, however finance was required to provide the correct facilities, this was achieved in the form of a Lottery bid. In 1997 the club membership rose to over 70 girls, many of whom were too old to play youth football, it was decided to move the club into ladies football.

"In order to achieve this a partnership was sought with a club able to compete at a senior level, hence the merger with Watford Ladies FC where the club competed in the Greater London Womens League.

"The first team is presently in the South East Combination League, with the reserve side playing in Reserve Division One of the Greater London League

"The club now has a membership of over 100 youth players and 35 senior players, and going from strength to strength."

So it could be said Doug Hewish, and the Willy-Walker combination certainly started something.