THE whistleblower whose perseverance led to a damning report on NHS Ayrshire and Arran by the Information Commissioner has been invited to meet Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon.

Rab Wilson will tell Ms Sturgeon that although the chief executive and board chairman have been replaced, other heads must roll for the way reports into more than 50 serious incidents, many leading to deaths, were hushed up.

Mr Wilson, a psychiatric nurse, further claims that MSPs and ministers have been misled by a report commissioned by the board from consultants PricewaterhouseCoopers appearing to say that since 2009 the board had put its house in order.

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After the publication of the Information Commissioner's hard-hitting report, Ms Sturgeon was criticised by the Liberal Democrats for only demanding an inquiry into the affair now.

The whistleblower first became involved in his battle when he asked for the Critical Incident Report into a case where one of his patients absconded.

Although he received the document, he disputed its contents and asked to see other reports.

His efforts culminated in last week's report by Mr Dunion, who described it as the worst case he had come across as Information Commissioner.

A spokeswoman for NHS Ayrshire and Argyll said they believed their Freedom of Information regime was now robust.