A SCOTS mother at the centre of New York vice ring allegations offered to go under "house arrest" as her lawyer put up his own apartment to cover the £1 million-plus bail bond.

Anna Gristina, 44, is understood to have offered to wear a "tag" and also take up residence in her lawyer Peter Gleason's home if she was required not to leave New York while awaiting trial in May.

The move for a lawyer to post bail for his client was described as extremely unusual but not unethical.

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It is expected Gristina will have to wait until Thursday before the court will reveal its decision on bail.

State Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan granted her the right to taxpayer-funded defence after Mr Gleason insisted during yesterday's hearing the alleged madam "doesn't have two nickels to rub together".

However, the judge said she would have to repay the funding if it emerged she did have the means to pay for legal assistance.

Prosecutors say the alleged brothel operator made millions supplying prostitutes to high society clients, which Gristina, originally from Kirkliston, near Edinburgh, denies.