BEING late for work no longer lands you in trouble with the boss – but many people have not realised it.

Managers appear to be making allowances for the longer hours and home working that are a feature of modern life, a new study has found.

It questioned 1000 employees and an equal number of employers and shows three-quarters of bosses have a relaxed attitude to the issue.

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They are increasingly aware that workers are on computers, iPads and phones to check emails and carry out tasks before they step into the office.

However, despite that, almost half of the workers polled by internet company said they believed their bosses would mind if they were late.

The study found one-quarter of bosses were happy for workers to take longer lunches and more than one-third said they did not have a problem with regular tea breaks.

However, only one in ten bosses were happy with employees taking care of personal tasks – such as online banking, food shopping and bill paying – at their desk.

The poll found that by 6.30am, one-third of British employees have logged on to their work email and the average employee has put in 37 minutes of work before they reach their desks.

Four in ten workers are happy to arrive a bit late, and do not worry about impressing with punctuality.