COMMERCIAL FEATURE: When we watch movies set in Las Vegas casinos, they tend to highlight the glamorous high-stakes games of blackjack, craps and roulette.

In reality, a lot of players in Vegas casinos are pursuing slot machine games which are played for lower stakes but which are just as exciting. Slot machines, or fruit machines as they are sometimes called in the UK, have been an incredibly popular form of entertainment for over a century.

Over the past few years, slot machine casinos have moved online. In the UK millions of people play slot machines inside online casinos every week. While there are many free slot sites where players can spin the wheel without paying for games, some players see free slots where you can't win real prizes as a waste of time.

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Until now this has been a major drawback of Facebook bingo, where games operators were unable to offer real cash prizes. The good news is that the arrival this week on Facebook of the Bingo Friendzy App will allow bingo and slots fans the chance to win real cash prizes for the first time ever on the social network. The Friendzy App is the brainchild of Gamesys, the company behind the popular Jackpotjoy online bingo sites.

There are many reasons for players to choose slot machines over other games available online. To celebrate the arrival of Bingo Friendzy on Facebook, we’ve compiled a list of the top reasons why slot machines are such a popular form of entertainment.   

Instant Win: Part of the lure of slots games is the instant rewards they promise. If you’re not the type who thinks patience is a virtue, slots might be the game for you! Click on the lever and you’ll know within seconds if you’ve won.

Good Odds: Slot machines are games of chance but you can improve your odds of winning if you look out for machines which have a high minimum return rate.  

Wallet Friendly: Slots on the Jackpotjoy Friendzy App start from as little as pennies. It doesn’t cost a fortune to have fun on slot machines. A few pounds go a long way!

Convenience: Log on 24/7 and play from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Variety: The list of slots games available is endless. The characters and graphics in each game change to keep the player endlessly engaged.

Slots games played on Friendzy are entirely safe to play and all player information is carefully guarded by Friendzy’s developers, Gamesys. Gamesys is licensed and regulated by the authorities, and every month pays out more than £90m in cash prizes. The company’s Managing Director Michael Saunders said at the launch of Friendzy: "We are committed to forming decisive partnerships and extending our products to a wider audience. To be selected to provide our award winning games and entertainment to the UK Facebook community marks an exciting turning point for the industry and a milestone for the business."