IF you do not want to be handed flags and balloons or engage in socio-economic debate, you're advised not to venture out on your local High Street this weekend.

But you might choose to go to the Canal Festival in Kirkintilloch, as political stalls have been banned there.

With Yes Scotland campaigners having been out over the summer conducting a charm offensive for independence, their foes in the Better Together are joining the fray today and tomorrow, so shopping precincts, main streets and gala days will be targeted by both sides.

But not the Canal Festival in Kirkintilloch, where East Dunbartonshire Council are refusing activists on both sides of the independence debate the right to set up stalls, declaring the event a family fun day that should remain apolitical.

Diane Campbell, director of corporate and customer services at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: "I can confirm that the Yes Scotland campaign requested a stall at the Kirkintilloch Canal Festival but this request was refused on the basis that this is a non-political community event."

Rob Shorthouse of Better Together said: "The purpose of this weekend is to get our activists to speak to as many people as possible and to start getting our message across at a local level.

"We are trying to make sure that it is done in a fun way, so we are encouraging people to do face painting, give away balloons, badges, car stickers and so on."

Yes Scotland have already staged around 150 events around the country in recent weeks.

Blair Jenkins, chief executive of Yes Scotland, said: "I am both delighted and excited that the networks we are building at central and local levels are proceeding with pace and great enthusiasm."