The SNP councillor wife of John Wilson MSP has become the latest politician to quit the party in protest at the vote to overturn its long-standing opposition to Nato.

North Lanarkshire member Frances McGlinchey's decision has fuelled speculation her Nationalist Central Scotland MSP husband will follow her out of the party.

It follows the decision by Highland MSPs John Finnie and Jean Urquhart to leave the party on Tuesday.

The head of the SNP's CND group, Colin Darroch, has also reportedly quit after 46 years.

Last night, Mr Wilson said: "That was entirely her position. My position remains 'no comment' at the present moment."

The Strathkelvin councillor said she "could not and would not" speak on behalf of her husband when asked if he was likely to follow her exit from the SNP.

She said: "He does his thing and I do mine. He was surprised when he found out I'd left the SNP and didn't even know. We both previously left Labour, but I left a long time before John did."

Ms McGlinchey said she had been a lifetime peace campaigner, adding: "I felt that I just didn't see a place in the party for me any more."

An SNP spokesman said: "It is sad that Councillor McGlinchey has decided to leave the party."