ED Miliband will place a campaign for a "living wage" of at least £7.20 per hour for millions of people in the public and private sector at the heart of Labour's bid to return to power.

The Labour leader will make clear the minimum hourly rate regarded by the Opposition as necessary for an acceptable standard of living is a key plank of his "One Nation" vision to share prosperity.

Labour is looking at naming and shaming low-paying companies. It is also considering giving Whitehall contracts only to firms that pay workers the living wage or above and giving incentives to firms that introduce it.

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Mr Miliband said: "You go out, slog your guts out; you deserve a decent wage if the company can afford it.

"We've got a growth crisis but we've also got a living-standards crisis because the proceeds of economic growth are not being fairly distributed any more."

Mr Miliband's brother David also backed the living wage campaign, leading to speculation he might be considering an election role.