EVEN on the worst of Saturday nights, the centre of Scotland's largest city hasn't seen mayhem like this before.

A rubbish truck goes haywire and ploughs through a line of stalled traffic, cartwheeling on to the familiar red tarmac of Glasgow's George Square.

Soon a terrified mob of people flee through the streets ahead of an unidentified threat, with soldiers and policemen racing to contain the danger.

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A helicopter flies in and, as the frame pulls back, we see the carnage below as a horde of crazed zombies staggers into the city.

And in the midst of it all, Brad Pitt, the world's most famous Hollywood star, runs through the scenes of mayhem as he struggles to save his family from the panic that has erupted all around.

The first full-length trailer for the blockbuster World War Z arrived on the internet yesterday, a year after cameras stopped rolling in Glasgow.

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The city was chosen by the film's location managers to stand in for the US city of Philadelphia. Pitt and the film crew spent more than two weeks filming in Scotland in August last year, with Glasgow city centre transformed by American road signs, flags and vehicles.

The trailer shows that the crew's time in Scotland was put to good use, with a major action scene shot on the fringes of the Merchant City appearing to be central to the movie plot.

However, a little film-making magic has been sprinkled on the scenes, with unfamiliar skyscrapers looming over the Glasgow cityscape, and the streets are jammed with bright yellow American taxis.

The film, based on the novel by Max Brooks, shows a world engulfed by an outbreak of plague which turns people into zombies. It will be released on June 21 next year.