A MAN accused of murdering his grandmother sobbed in the dock as a harrowing 999 call was played.

Jurors at the High Court in Dumbarton heard the emergency call made by Garry Kane, 41, from his grandmother's home on January 3.

He is heard saying: "I just came in, my gran's lying in a pool of blood." He is asked by the operator: "What's happened to her?" He replied: "I don't know."

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He is then asked if she is awake and said: "No, I don't think so."

The operator said: "Try to keep calm" and Kane replied: "Where's the ambulance? She's got a big gash on her arm. How long are they going to be?"

He is then asked to hold the 87-year-old's head back and says: "I don't want to touch her."

Kane denies murdering Kathleen Millward at her Stonehouse home in South Lanarkshire.

Kane's aunt, Maureen Kennedy, 58, from Stonehouse told of how she received a phone call from her sister, Kathleen Kane – Kane's mother – saying she was worried because she had not been able to get hold of their mother.

Mrs Kennedy told the jury she went round to her mother's house and knocked on the door and initially got no answer but then Kane came to the door.

She said she said to him: "Where's mum?" and he walked backwards into the living room.

Mrs Kennedy said: "I assumed she must be sitting in her chair in the living room, ill."

She was asked by Advocate depute Jennifer Bain, prosecuting: "Was your mother in her chair?" and replied: "No, the door to the kitchen was ajar."

The court heard Kane walked backwards "shaking".

Mrs Kennedy said: "I said 'what's happened where's gran?' and he just said 'it's terrible, it's terrible, don't go in there'. I said 'I have to go in' and I went in and saw my mum lying on the floor."

She said: "My mum was lying on her back with her hands out and her palms facing up. There was a pool of blood to her left hand side beside her wedding ring."

Mrs Kennedy said when she knelt down to touch her mother's neck to see if there was a pulse she was "as cold as marble".

She said she then spoke to Kane who said he had been out.

Earlier Mrs Kennedy told of her last phone call with her mother at 10.30am on the day Mrs Millward died. She said her mother told her Kane had been shouting at her.

Mrs Kennedy said: "I said 'mum at your age and with your health you don't need this you should ask Garry to leave', she said she couldn't do that as he's got nowhere else to go."

The jury heard Mrs Kennedy offered to go down with her husband to ask Kane to leave but her mum refused. Kane's uncle John Kennedy, 58, known as Ian, was asked by Ms Bain: "Were you aware he had an addiction problem with drugs?" He replied: "Yes."

When asked about Kane moving in with his grandmother, he said: "I wasn't happy about it."

The trial before judge Lord Matthews continues. Kane denies all charges against him.