A brewery has captured Scotland to a T with its latest pint glass.


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The limited edition glass is emblazoned with the warmth, wit and wisdom of the Scottish people and marks the culmination of Tennent’s latest campaign to celebrate St Andrew’s Day.

The pint glass features 36 winning phrases, picked from over 3,000 entries by the Tennent’s team.

It shows that Scots are proud of their national treasures – from the ‘The Big Yin’, the ‘squadrons of midges’ and the ‘Tartan Army’ to the famous ‘Hampden Roar’ and of course, ‘T in the Paaarrk!’.

People voted Scotland as ‘a nation of innovators’, the place ‘where the rest of the world comes to party’, and confessed a love for ‘cheering when we cross the border’ and going ‘out on the randan’.

The quirks of our national tongue are also celebrated, as Scotland is the place where ‘two positives make 1 negative (aye right!)’, ‘where ‘how’ means ‘why’’ and ‘where ‘hunners’ means 1, 2 or 3’!

Our ‘dreich’ weather even gets a special mention as we are ‘the only country made more beautiful by rain’. However, Scotland is also hailed as the place ‘where umbrellas go to die’!

The new glass will be in pubs across Scotland in time for St Andrew’s Day on November 30.

Jane Cannon, marketing manager for Tennent’s Lager, said: “Tennent’s is a big part of Scottish life and culture and our drinkers really captured that with their brilliant response to this campaign.

“It was no easy task to pick a shortlist of words and images from so many great entries, but it’s been a lot of fun and we’re really proud of the finished glass. Here’s hoping we’ll see it raised across the country to celebrate St Andrew’s Day.”

In celebration of St Andrew’s Day, full window displays of the quotes and images from the glass will also be on show at selected pubs across Scotland.

The glass will be available from the Tennent’s website from December 1.