Two-fifths of Scots were motivated to make an appointment with a doctor after talking through their health concerns with a friend or relative, according to new research.

Forty per cent said the chat was the trigger for taking action on concerns about a change to their body. Of those, partners played the biggest role, with 66% saying their other half urged them to go to a GP.

Some were inspired to do so by more than one person. Nearly one-third said they had been motivated to visit a doctor by their mothers and 12% by their daughters. Five per cent were prompted to go by their fathers, and 7% by their sons.

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The survey by Cancer Research UK and Tesco, coincides with the launch of a new online video, highlighting the importance of talking to a GP about changes to your body.

Cancer Research UK senior nurse Chloe Cowan, of the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre in Glasgow, said: "Cancer is most common in people over 50. But men and women of all ages who notice a change that's hung around for a few weeks should get it checked out by a doctor."