More children in Scotland have brighter smiles, with 67% of primary one children having no obvious sign of tooth decay.

The latest figures from the National Dental Inspection Programme show that for the first time all NHS boards have met the Scottish Government target for 60% of primary ones to have no obvious signs of decay.

It represents an overall improvement across Scotland of 3% since 2009/10.

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Public Health Minister Michael Matheson said: "It is fantastic news. This tremendous progress is the result of our significant investment in children's dentistry. It is also tribute to our work with the British Dental Association and the commitment of dentists, nursery and school staff."

Scotland's chief dental officer, Margie Taylor, is encouraging parents keep sweets until mealtimes as much as possible.

She said: "Children develop their oral health habits at a very young age. So it is important that parents remember their healthy habits and practices throughout the festive season to ensure their children enjoy a lifetime of beautiful smiles."