Gordon Brown has called for more Coalition Government help to save Remploy facilities.

The former Prime Minister will today make a rare Commons appearance to argue that the factories can survive but need more support to help them move into private ownership.

The Coalition is closing many of the factories around the country, arguing they lose too much money.

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But Mr Brown, along with Labour MPs Lindsay Roy and Thomas Docherty, has produced a plan to save the facilities in Fife which they will present to MPs tonight. The former Labour leader will argue that with financial support the sites could be viable within a few years, maintaining jobs to make life jackets and marine safety aids sold worldwide.

Ahead of the debate, Mr Brown said: "We firmly believe the factories and the jobs can be saved and we have a plan that can be delivered. They manufacture a successful product and have a full order book in an established market."

The Coalition called for private buyers for a number of the factories last year. When no suitable owners were found the ministers announced the facilities would be shut.

Mr Brown said: "We need the Government, working with the Scottish Government, to put in more money to ensure these factories can survive."

Mr Docherty added: "It is a viable business with a full order book."