A FORMER soldier who lost his leg in a bomb blast in Afghanistan has finally won a battle to have his disability allowance reinstated.

Black Watch Private Sam Morgan served in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan before he was seriously injured when the armoured vehicle he was driving hit an explosive device in May 2009.

The blast left him with a fractured heel bone, a broken ankle and a deep cut to the side of his foot, which repeatedly became infected.

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Medics fought for two years to save his foot but in 2011 the decision was taken to amputate below his knee.

Despite the day-to-day problems Mr Morgan suffers, he has been denied Disability Living Allowance after the Department for Work and Pensions told him his disability does not merit help, claiming he is able to walk when using suitable aids.

He had previously received £54 a week, but a letter from the service said: "Using suitable aids, you are not unable or virtually unable to walk."

The 30-year-old from Dundee appealed the decision and last night heard he had been successful.

Mr Morgan said: "I am unable to work because I lost my leg fighting for my country – I never thought that would be questioned."