The charitable foundation set up in memory of murdered aid worker Linda Norgrove has made a unique contribution to the musical education of Afghanistan's most underprivileged children.

A marimba, a large classical percussion instrument similar to a xylophone, which weighs more than 142kg, has been presented to the Afghan National Institute of Music, following the intervention of the Foreign Office.

After eight months of planning, deputy ambassador of the British Embassy in Kabul, Nic Hailey, handed over the marimba to the institute earlier this month and it was the focus of a concert on Monday in Kabul.

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The donation was sparked by a fundraising concert in the Uists by The National Youth Orchestra of Scotland, which gave the proceeds to the Linda Norgrove Foundation. The charity was launched after the death of Afghan-based aid worker Ms Norgrove, from the Western Isles, during a failed rescue by US Navy SEALs to free her from kidnappers in 2010.

The foundation was keen to maintain the musical theme while using the money to further the education of Afghan children.

Her father, John Norgrove, said: "The institute places particular focus on helping the country's most disadvantaged children."