A NEW report has questioned whether Scotland's population will have equal access to education in the face of globalisation and social inequality.

The Scotland's Futures Forum (SFF) survey aims to stimulate long-term debate by examining what skills and learning will be required by 2025.

The study, which was developed in partnership with the Goodison Group in Scotland, identifies two drivers which will shape society and learning in 2025 – increased globalisation and greater social inequality. It asks whether the concept of "learning for all" is compatible with Scotland's universities and colleges being internationally competitive where the bulk of resources are concentrated in a few leading institutions.

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Sir Andrew Cubie, director of the SFF – which was set up by the Scottish Parliament – said: "One of the key issues that arises from this work is whether learning opportunities for all can be compatible with Scotland being a global leader in the field of university education. There is no easy answer, but it is vital that we start the debate now."