GLASGOW'S draw as a film location has helped net the city more than £23 million in movie business.

New figures for 2012 show Glasgow remained a prime location for Hollywood producers, with the revenue up 10% on the year before.

The rise in 2012 comes despite the lack of big names arriving in the city last year compared to 2011, when Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks and Halle Berry came to town to shoot scenes for leading motion pictures.

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Berry and Hanks' Cloud Atlas opens this week, with Pitt's zombie thriller World War Z due for release in the summer.

Location managers continue to be drawn to Glasgow's distinctive Victorian architecture and "grid" street design, similar to many American cities such as Chicago or Philadelphia

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council: "We never expected the city to do so well in the past year.

"The only major movie we had in town was Fast and Furious 6. But still the numbers have gone up and what's happened is the city has still attracted more small film projects and television dramas. Overall, we're delighted."

The revenue statistics are determined from figures supplied to the council's film office.

The film companies count the number of crew coming into town, the cost of hotel beds, their daily spend and the fees charged by the likes of post-production houses and technical units.

The city council spokesman added: "Producers know we can make it happen, we can put them in touch with all the agencies responsible.

"The likes of WWZ was important for us in that we showed we could cater for a Brad Pitt film – and be able to close a city centre for 17 days.

"Going to London, however, would have been more problematic for a producer, where you face talking to 42 different local authorities."