SCOTS adventurer Mark Beaumont's ill-fated record attempt boat has been salvaged after floating at sea for a year.

The £70,000 vessel capsized after being hit by a huge wave during the transatlantic rowing mission, forcing the crew to escape.

Beaumont made several dives into the depths of the ocean to retrieve vital equipment but the rest of the cargo of the 36ft fibreglass craft was thought to be lost.

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It was spotted drifting in the Caribbean several times by the US coastguard but was deemed too expensive and complicated to recover.

It finally ran aground on the Florida shoreline at the weekend, containing wallets, food and hundreds of dollars and pounds.

The boat has suffered substantial damage, including suspected gun- shot holes where people may have tried to sink it, fearing it was a shipping hazard.

It had been on course to break the 32-day east-to-west cross-Atlantic rowing record last year when disaster struck. Another Perthshire adventurer, Benno Rawlinson from Abernethy, is now trying to beat the record.