It's colonised by the rich and famous: Twitter is often seen as a celebrity plaything, with millions of followers hanging on the every 140-character utterance of such as Lady Gaga, Stephen Fry and Justin Bieber.

But now a survey has found (so it must be true) that Glaswegians are the UK's top tweeters.  Every citizen sent an average of 16 tweets  every day in the last three months of 2012. And remember that, even in these social media days, some otherwise normal people choose not to be Twits, so the average among users of the medium will be significantly higher.

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A spokeswoman from online analysts and survey-carry-outers PeerIndexsaid: "Our hypothesis is that Glasgow's youthful population drives its heavy Twitter usage: 40% of the city are under the age of 30. Other than that, we've speculated that the natural charm of Glaswegians is translating into social media."

In homage to the Twitterati of the Dear Green Place, here's a list of 50 celebrities who have helped Glasgow become the king of Twitter.

Sanjeev Kohli @govindajeggy

“'Ace of Spades' is a genuinely useful introduction to the rules of poker. I wish Lemmy would repeat the trick with backgammon.”
Greg Hemphill @greghemphill69

“Jacko would have had a bid in for that Richard III skeleton, nothing surer.”
Limmy @DaftLimmy

“Every now and then, big Arnie wonders if he really was in Total Recall.”
Susan Calman @SusanCalman

“Well done Westminster. Now, before I can get married someone else needs to do something. *stares at Holyrood. Coughs. Stares again*”
Kevin Bridges @kevinbridges86

“Having a bath with no bubbles here, f***ing grim. Feel like I'm in a low budget, independent British arthouse film.”
Janey Godley @JaneyGodley

“Husband told me my hair looks like I have been back combing it since July. I love his compliments. #aspergers
Frankie Boyle @frankieboyle

“I'm at an Indian movie star's birthday party and we're all singing "For he's a Bollywood fellow". I'm not really.”
Robert Florence (Burnistoun) @robertflorence

“I'm now the lightest weight I've been since I was 21. I don't look 21.”
Armando Iannucci @Aiannucci

“Baltimore is now rather noisy. Ships in the harbor hooting. The dogs and birds are turning summersaults in the streets.”
Billy Connolly @Billy_Connolly

“I was interviewed by a journalist during the week,who told me sincerely that I should think about doing stand-up comedy! Standards are diving”
Janice Forsyth @JaniceForsyth

“A "job in Europe" already being talked about for Huhne. I paid my parking fine immediately. Can I become Queen of Scotland?”
Craig Ferguson @CraigyFerg

“If you hang out with Channing Tatum & have beads you can see wonderful things in New Orleans #alsoscareythings
Graham Spiers @grahamSpiers

“There is a touching story about Walter Smith taking in a lonely Paul Gascoigne for Christmas dinner in mid-1990s. I really wish Gazza well.”
James Morton @bakingjames

“Just discovered instant porridge. Surely the predominant achievement of the human race so far?”
Amy Macdonald @Amy_Macdonald

“Walked out of Lincoln because it was so boring, now going to the pub instead. #standardglaswegian
Fred MacAulay @fredmacaulay

“I didn't do it. I didn't do it. I didn't do it. I didn't do it. I didn't do it. I didn't do it. I didn't do it. I didn't do it. I did it.”
Robert Carlyle @robert Carlyle_

“Following @WelshIrvine almost makes the tennis worth watching.. you should be in the commentary box Irvine.!”
Ken Bruce (radio presenter) @R2KenBruce

“Who says the only 6 pack I have comes from a supermarket. Me & trainer Lynn are always busy during the music!”
Camera Obscura @camera_obscura_

“Dear iPad, I love you, sorry I left you on the plane. Let's never be apart again. Carey xx”
Lorraine Kelly @reallorraine

“Good to hear Craig levein on BBC Scotland sportsound - excellent pundit and being very generous and supportive to his successor.”
Colin and Justin @colinjustin

“In light of the recent horse meat scandal, Colin has told me to watch what I eat. So tomorrow I'm going straight to Aintree. X”
Gordon Ramsay @GordonRamsay01

“Can't wait for everyone to see tonight's new #KitchenNightmares !! And my next trip to Beaver, PA!!”
Duncan Bannatyne @DuncanBannatyne

“I can't believe #dealornodeal is trending”
Ross Perry (Rangers and Scotland footballer) @RossPerry90

“Why does asparagus make your pee smelly?”
Jenni Falconer @Jennifalconer

“Ella has started calling me mama, which was very very cute until I saw the film 'Mama' last it just scares me! Lol”
Declan Michael Laird @DMLactor

“Sir Declan has a pretty nice ring to it, maybe one day, for now people can refer to me as that if they would like #youknowwhattido
Michelle Mone @michellemone

“Bye London, heading to Liverpool in my rollers. It's FRIDAY!!!”
Melanie Masson @MelanieMasson1

“Just found some delicious unopened blue cheese in the fridge, yum. What do you prefer? #saltyorsweet
Lee McCulloch @jiggymacc6  (50,432 followers):

“To all the superstitious ones, just seen 18 magpies on the pitch, surely that's good luck?”
Michael Jamieson @mj88live

“Mess of a man after tolerance session tonight. Pins & needles in my mouth, blurry vision & shivers hahaha :) #throughthemill #liquiddinner
Andrew Neil @afneil

“Amazing that Huhne pleads guilty after all these years adamantly insisting on innocence, even to my face. Never quite believed him.”
Kenny Dalglish @kennethdalglish

“A good day of results for LFC. A added incentive to get a result at Eastlands. Prediction of at least a draw.”
Alex Kapranos @alkapranos

“Hope to see some of you at @Bestival this summer. @SnoopDogg, you're welcome to join us for our cover of Buffalo Soldier.”
Charlie Mulgrew @charlie_mulgrew

“Got Attenborough Africa on I player it's quality cheers!”
Martin Compston @martin_compston

“Reason this country is going down the tubes can be partially attributed to the amount of guys wearing earmuffs, just a bit windy f**k sake”
Fran Healy @franhealy

“Dog sees human get crisps out. Dog readjusts room position for optimum crumb vision.”
Sean Biggerstaff (Oliver Wood in Harry Potter films) @Seanchuckle

“The first HP is on, eh? It's been a LONG, I don't think I'll watch it. #harrypotter #glaikitteenager
Duncan Weir (Glasgow Warriors rugby player) @duncan_weir

“Thanks for the messages about being named on the bench for Scotland against England 2moro very proud. Can't wait for it! #backingblue
The Vaselines @the_vaselines

“Second songwriting session for new album today. Five new tunes. They're sounding like Buzzcocks meets Buddy Holly. No new direction here.”
Ryan Wilson  (Glasgow Warriors rugby player) @ryanwilson89

“Looking forward to getting back into a @GlasgowWarriors shirt this weekend against zebre! #warriornation
Forbes Masson @forbesmasson

“As I play Banquo in @MacbethWestEnd , @Alancumming takes his extraordinary performance to Broadway #livelinkup?”
Aidan Moffat @AidanJohnMoffat

“Just realised a vote for Scottish independence would mean we get an extra holiday to celebrate it. The Yes campaign should push that angle.”
Tara Nowy @taranowy

Doing a happy dance because your heating is working again then realising a family eating across the road are all laughing at you #awkward
Heather Suttie @blondieheatherX

“I am in love with Peter Capaldi's voice. I wonder how much he charges per hour!”
Stuart Hogg @StuartWHOGG_15

Looking forward to Saturday's game against Italy, 6 Nations fever comes to Murrayfield – are you? #backingblue.”
Alan Bissett @alanbissett

“I'm introducing JAWS tonight on the big screen in Edinburgh. Don't think I've looked forward to any of my gigs more.”
Libby McArthur @libby_macarthur

“Publicity shots this morning to publicise thing I can't tell you about yet. Oh shut up say you! I know am being a pain right that’s me Shtoom!”
Eddi Reader @eddireader

“Going into studio... Preparing my psyche ... Special new person to play with... Praying for belief to hold critic at bay... Allowing the music.”
Carol Smillie @carolsmillie1

Exams finished and off to Edinburgh zoo to celebrate their 100th birthday! Pandas & meerkats here we come!”
Lee McConnell @LeeMcConnell400

“Not one English player was born the last time Scot's won at twickenham. How does they make you feel?”