There was anger and indignation among Scottish shoppers as news continued to emerge about the horsemeat scandal.

Queues formed at independent butchers shops in Glasgow as more consumers chose to buy locally produced beef and pork.

At Andrew Gillespie's in Anniesland, Elaine Eadie, 44, from Maryhill, said: "It's shocking.

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"I think someone should be made accountable for selling things that aren't what we thought they were. It's a betrayal of our confidence.

"I don't buy branded frozen foods myself but a lot of people on a tight budget think it's a cheap way of feeding your family. However, I'm spending around £15 on beef mince, beef ham and Lorne sausage that will I will cook myself and which will feed my family for four or five days. If you cook it yourself you know what's in it."

Kris McKelvey, manager of Gillespie's, said: "Hopefully, this scandal will finally get the message through that local independent butchers are more reliable than supermarkets because we don't sell pre-packaged stuff which is basically made from the cheapest of the very cheapest off-cuts."

At Rodgers Butchers in Byres Road, manager Paul Holloway said: "The supermarkets have been killing off local independent butchers' businesses for years, and getting away with it, so hopefully this will change things for the better."