MISSING financial adviser Lynda Spence pocketed money intended for Christmas gifts for the children of one of her alleged killers, a court heard yesterday.

Miss Spence was given about £2000 by Brian Wade, the brother of Philip Wade, for presents for his children and other family members.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that Miss Spence was also given a £9500 funeral fund for Colin Coats's parents, which was never repaid.

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Coats, 42, David Parker, 38, Paul Smith, 47, and Philip Wade, 42, deny abducting, torturing and murdering Miss Spence at a flat in West Kilbride, between April 14 and 28, 2011.

Brian Wade, 39, a graphic designer, was asked if there was an issue in December 2010 in relation to money for Christmas presents.

He told the court Miss Spence was supposed to buy presents with money he gave her but that no presents were ever bought.

The witness said he thought he gave her £1500, but it was suggested that it was £2000 and he said it "could have been".

In earlier evidence, Coats's sister Margaret Coats, 53, told the court her brother gave Miss Spence their parents' £9500 funeral fund.

She said she and her partner were away at a wedding and she had left the money in the safe in her house.

Miss Coats said her partner knew it was there and "obviously Colin" did too.

The jury was told Coats did not have permission to take it and it was "still to be returned".

The trial continues.