STUDENTS from a ­university at the centre of a sexism row are to debate the issue of lad culture at the institution.

The event at Stirling University, which will feature officials from the men's hockey team, comes after some of its members were captured on video singing sexist songs on a bus, while other passengers look on awkwardly.

The footage, posted on social media site Youtube, shows some 15 students laughing at a joke about miscarriages, as well as other sexually inappropriate material. Some even appear to make mock Nazi salutes after a joke with a punchline in German.

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The university politics society, which is holding the debate, said there was a higher than usual demand to take part."The politics society wants the event on Thursday to mark the beginning of constructive discussion on lad culture at our university. This debate is long overdue," it said.

Richard Raymond, vice president of education at the university's student union, who was on the bus and appeared in the video, said sports teams would be given anti-sexism training.

"We will be organising training for sports teams. This will help start to tackle the cultural aspect of lad culture," he said.