High society magazine Tatler has published a guide on Britain's state schools as it says they give children "better preparation for the real world", with a primary school in Edinburgh coming in as one of their best.

Sciennes Primary School in Edinburgh (pronounced 'sheens') was ranked amongst Honeywell Junior School in south-west London and Bourne Grammar in Lincolnshire as one of the magazine's favourites to make the cut.

Located next to The Meadows in Edinburgh, it is currently the city's biggest primary school with 640 pupils.

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The magazine, which normally focuses on public schools such as Eton, noted that it costs around £600,000 to send two children through private education.

Tatler's guide, printed in its February edition, features 10 primaries and 20 secondaries, which it claims are "the creme de la creme of the British state system".

The introduction to the guide reads: "The state sector has some spanking-new buildings, strong discipline, sporting rigour and academic ambition.

"Plus, your child gets a better preparation for the real world, the one where not everything is handed to them on a sterling-silver platter, where there is a cosmopolitan mix, where you will have to fight to get to the top.

"And best of all, when you do finally get into the Cabinet, everyone will love you because you didn't go to Eton."