A stalker who followed his victim to Turkey to give her a peanut in a jewellery box has been detained in a psychiatric hospital.

Jeronimo Bouceiro was made the subject of a 28-day assessment order yesterday after Perth Sheriff Court was told he appeared to be suffering from a "psychotic illness".

Tayside-based police officer Gillian Farnington, 36, was followed to Turkey by her former tenant .

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Bouceiro even complained about how much it was costing him to follow his victim.

Sheriff Michael Fletcher found Portuguese national Bouceiro, of Kinross guilty of stalking Ms Farnington.

He said: "Mr Bouceiro knew, or ought to have known..., the conduct he was engaging in would be likely to cause fear and alarm."

Bouceiro, conducting his own defence, repeatedly asked Ms Farnington if she found him attractive but she told him she did not.