RULES dealing with forced marriages in Scotland are working well and should not be overtaken by Westminster legislation, MSPs have recommended.

Holyrood is to be asked to pass a legislative consent motion permitting Westminster law to be enacted here, but Scotland has already legislated on forced marriages in a way that the ethnic communities involved have welcomed.

Justice Committee Convener, Christine Grahame said: "If we have time to develop a specific Scottish response to forced marriage to reflect our distinct legal system, we should."

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The Justice Committee is asking the Scottish Government to look again at whether it can introduce its own legislation on forced marriage. The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill being considered by the Westminster Parliament has direct implications for Scotland, including the creation of a specific offence of forced marriage in Scotland.

The Scottish Government is proposing that Westminster legislate on behalf of the Scottish Parliament to keep the law in this and other areas in line across the Border.