EMERGENCY plans are being drawn up to stop one of Scotland's oldest golf courses from falling into the sea.

The 452-year-old Montrose Golf Links, the fifth oldest in the world, is facing a battle to survive after coastal erosion started to destroy parts of the ancient course.

Course bosses will attempt to work out how to save the course and preserve features laid down by legendary designer Old Tom Morris.

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The Medal course has already been altered after dunes at the edge of the fairway between the second and fifth holes were lost in storms.

Montrose councillor David May said: "Over the last 20 years coastal erosion has had a devastating effect on the beach at Montrose and the loss of much of what was part of the second fairway."

It has been estimated the coastline at the Angus town could wear away by up to 90 yards over the next 50 years.

A meeting will be organised later this month with representatives of Montrose Golf Links and councillors to discuss a way forward.