Scotland's oldest woman has died peacefully in hospital at the age of 108.

Nina Troy, of Aberdeen, put her long life down to healthy eating and exercise.

Mrs Troy spent the last 16 years of her life at the Stocket Grange sheltered housing unit in the city.

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She was known for her sense of humour and when she celebrated her birthday on October 20 last year, she said: "I don't feel any different now - I'm just slower. I eat the same and I sleep the same. I keep myself active. Everyone always asks me how I got to the age I am and I tell them I've just kept on breathing."

She was born in Stonehaven in 1905 and spent her first few years living in the coastal village with her parents. By the age of five she was living in the Torry area of Aberdeen with her family and attended Walker Road School.

From 14 she was worker as a net braider making fishing nets for local fishermen.

Nina met her husband Ralph when she was called to work as a British Red Cross nurse following the outbreak of the Second World War. Mr Troy, who had fled from his home in Latvia in 1910 to avoid conscription into the Russian army, was stationed in Aberdeen with the Cameronians, while Nina was working as a nurse at Woodend Hospital. She tended to him while he was sick.

On her last birthday, Nina told of their first encounter.

She said: "The first time I spoke to him, he was in bed. We become friends and wrote to each other when he left the hospital.

"I met him at the beginning of November. He was living in Edinburgh then. He phoned me one morning and came up and met me and we got married two days before Christmas."

The couple wed on December 23, 1942 at St Peter's Church, which Mrs Troy attended in the Torry area of the city. Mr Troy then moved to Aberdeen so they could start their new life together. They did not have any children.

Mr Troy liked to paint and many of his oil and watercolour landscapes still adorn the walls of the supported housing unit where his wife stayed.

He died in 1999, aged 104.

Mrs Troy's funeral service will be at Aberdeen Crematorium on January 22 at 2pm.