Beauly will never be mistaken for Batman's fictional home in Gotham City, but it does have a batcave.

However, unlike the caped crusader's hi-tech headquarters there is no Batmobile, computer or butler called Alfred.

Scottish Hydro Electric (SHE) Transmission environmental teams working on the Beauly-Denny Project have created the box-like cave complete with its own heating system for the pipistrelle bat species.

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It uses natural materials to safeguard the protected species from harm and has been specially adapted using natural materials. It is sited near a power source and can accommodate a small heat pad/element.

Christopher Meek, environmental manager for SHE Transmission projects, said: "During the planning of our construction projects we undertake detailed surveys to identify species like the pipistrelle bat.

"As construction activity takes place we aim to protect and if possible enhance habitats for protected mammals like bats through careful mitigation and compensation measures."