A Scots-born former American footballer has spoken of his excitement that his team may be poised to clinch one of the US's biggest sporting prizes.

But Glasgow-born Alex Waits, one of only two Scots to play in the NFL in the last 30 years, will be unable to go to the big match as he will be overseeing the opening of a new school in Latin America where he now lives.

Mr Waits, 45, was a punter for the Seattle Seahawks in the 1991 season, but has worked as a missionary in Honduras for the past four years with his wife Laura and five children, Aidan, Arlee, Adam, Aaron and Cumi Joy, at his side.

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It is one of the poorest areas of the world, and he deals with danger on a daily basis as the region is ­notorious for drug-running with knife and gun crime rife.

The school is in Puerto Lempira and will provide for dozens of children.

"Although I am unable to watch games on TV, I do my best to keep up with them on websites," Waits said.

"It's exciting to hear about the Seahawks' success this year.

"Their fans are loyal, very knowledgeable, and deserve a great run into the play-offs for their loyalty.

"They have suffered a lot of frustration over the years and still continue to support the team. I can only imagine Seattle if they were to win it all."

Many Seattle fans believe there is a strong chance the Vince Lombardi Trophy could come to the city.

The Seahawks host San Francisco 49ers for the NFC Championship, and if they win they go to New York for Super Bowl XLVIII.

Mr Waits left Glasgow for Plano, Texas, aged five with his Scottish mother Sarah.

He admits that life is difficult in Hondorus.

"During 2013, we have had to deal with various obstacles, shortages in material, certain foods, dry weather, and time.

"For motivation, I pray and listen for words for affirmation from God.

"Our work here is rewarding, humbling, and, at times, heartbreaking.

This year, we will welcome 55 to 60 students to perhaps their only opportunity of at least a high school education."