SILVER cutlery worth thousands of pounds taken from barracks in Scotland and 100 bayonets are among millions of pounds worth of military stock stolen from the Ministry of Defence since 2007, it has been reported.

Figures released by the MoD, in response to a written parliamentary question from Tory MP Nick de Bois, show alleged thefts worth more than £7 million over the past seven years.

Stolen items included £5,800 worth of Viagra pills, and equipment from nuclear submarines from RAF Marham in Norfolk.

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In the past year 100 bayonets, a Bedford truck and an industrial washing machine have all been taken from MoD sites.

Thieves have also stolen lead flashing and roofing, copper piping, electrical cables and radiators, as well a £25,000 silver statue from the Household Cavalry barracks in Knightsbridge and £7000 worth of silver cutlery from Redford Cavalry and Infantry Barracks near Edinburgh.

Defence minister Dr Andrew Murrison said: "The Ministry of Defence set up a new counter fraud and loss department last year, the aim being to minimise losses from the defence budget from fraud, misappropriation and theft and thereby maximise the amount spent on our armed forces.."

In 2009-2010 nearly £2.5m worth of equipment was stolen compared to £816,906 in 2012-2013.