Almost one-quarter of workers in Scotland are heading into retirement this year with some form of debt, with many yet to pay off their mortgages, credit cards or loans.

The figure is the highest in the UK with an average of just over £36,000 owed as they prepare to end their working lives, according to a survey by the Prudential.

It found that, across the UK, one in 12 people planning to collect pensions this year will still be paying off their mortgage. Some 8% of those planning to retire in 2014 said they still have not fully paid off their mortgage and around 10% still have credit card debt.

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On average, those who still have some form of mortgage and/or non-mortgage debt owe £24,800, though this is 21% lower than the typical debt in 2013 of £31,200, researchers found.

Wales and the north-west of England were the next most likely areas for retirees to owe money, with 21% of people in both of these areas expecting to retire in debt. Those in debt expect to take four years to clear what they owe.