MORE than half of UK adults say they will have to cut their spending to cope with rising household bills over the next year, Citizens Advice has warned.

Three in five people (58%) are worried about the effect that higher bills will have on their finances and 53% - or 27 million - will have to cut spending to cope, according to a study by the consumer body.

The survey found that of those who plan on cutting their spending, 59% say they will have to reduce the amount they spend on food, 37% will look for ways to reduce their energy bills, 8% will consider moving to a cheaper home.

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A further 66% say they will have less to spend on time out.

It found 20% of British households are struggling or falling behind with their bills while a further 32% said they are keeping up with costs, but it is a struggle.

Of those concerned about paying their fuel bill, 55% have cut down the amount of energy they use, 36% have spent less on food, 34% have sacrificed leisure activities or spending time with family and friends, 15% have gone into their overdraft to pay their energy bills and 11% have borrowed money from family and friends.

The poll also found that less than one-third of people (28%) have spoken to their energy supplier to check that they are on the best tariff.

Citizens Advice chief ­executive Gillian Guy said: "We're keen to make sure people are not taking drastic action or paying a penny more than they have to for a warm home or to keep the lights on."

"Through Big Energy Saving Week, Citizens Advice is helping consumers to check, switch and insulate."