WHEN Nikki and Stephen Wallace enrolled their eldest son, Harry, into Hillhead Primary School in November there was no indication that he might not get in.

Nikki, a 40-year-old speech and language therapist, asked about overcrowding at the time because she had heard the school was operating close to capacity, but was told she would get a place because she lived in the catchment area.

Now the couple have been left angry and confused after getting a letter on Saturday morning telling them they no longer had automatic entry and might miss out. "It came as a complete shock because, until this weekend, we were expecting Harry to go to Hillhead in August," she said.

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"Something has gone badly wrong if the council has only just realised there is an issue with too many people applying.

"We are now in complete limbo and don't know what to do next. We both work and there is no time to go and visit the other schools before we have to make a decision on where Harry will go if he doesn't get in."

Stephen, 41, a construction manager, said the council had taken away the right of parents to make choices about their children's education. He said: "They have filled the school to capacity with placing requests in the last couple of years without waiting to see how many children there are in the area.

"The council website goes on about parental choice, but that has been taken away from us."