LONDON remains a threat to the Scottish economy despite the success of Edinburgh and Aberdeen in creating jobs, the SNP has warned.

Nationalist MSPs claimed their case for independence was reinforced by a new study showing a widening economic gap between London and the rest of the UK.

Labour claimed the study, by the Centre for Cities think tank, showed the Scottish Government was failing to support Glasgow.

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The report said London had created ten times more private sector jobs than any other city since 2010.

The Centre for Cities concluded London was good for the UK despite "sucking talent from the rest of the UK". But it warned some other cities were "punching below their weight".

Marco Biagi, the SNP MSP for Edinburgh Central, said: "Edinburgh is a very successful city but Scotland's capital can do even better with a Yes vote and independence, when the powers to make decisions that always put Scotland first can be made all of the time. Aberdeen is also in the top 10 cities and Scotland is punching above its weight."

Scottish Labour MSP James Kelly said: "The Scottish Government has significant powers and tools to ensure that our cities are best placed to compete for jobs in a national and international marketplace."