PEACH-COLOURED toilet rolls, one thousand broccoli prints, a door opening and closing and a spot of Blu-Tack have gone on display at one of Britain's best known art galleries.

What's The Point Of It? is the first retrospective of work by Martin Creed, the Scottish artist who won the Turner Prize in 2001 for showing lights going on and off in an empty room.

A collection of nails hammered into the gallery wall, cactus plants, and black curtains that open and close are among the 160 works on display at the Southbank Centre's Hayward Gallery.

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In one installation, visitors walk into a room filled with 6000 large white balloons and attempt to find their way through them to the other side.

One of Creed's newest works is a silver Ford Focus, Every few minutes the engine switches on, the horn sounds, the doors and bonnet open, the windscreen wipers move from side to side and the radio blasts, before it all goes off again.

Creed said that he was "scared" that he would not like his own retrospective.

He said: "This show is a collection of pretty much all the things I've been doing in my life apart from watching TV."

l Martin Creed: What's The Point Of It? is at the Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre from January 29.