BALD Scots will soon be able to have their heads tattooed to create the impression they have a full head of hair.

Scott McGaw, 28, is behind the first such business venture in Scotland that will allow pioneering scalp pigmentation from America - a non-surgical procedure that uses the most advanced cosmetic tattoo - to create the illusion.

Mr McGaw, who started losing his hair four years ago, is opening the clinic in Glasgow tomorrow, where treatments will begin at £500.

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He investigated popular methods such as hair plugs, given great publicity by footballer Wayne Rooney, but it was scalp pigmentation treatment that took his interest.

Mr McGaw says it can be more uncomfortable due to the length of time it takes, but a local anaesthetic cream can be used if needed.

Mr McGaw, of Paisley, Renfrewshire, said: "Glasgow is a city of culture and fashion - and many people are increasingly style-conscious. While looking good is high on people's agenda, feeling self-assured is equally important. There is a massive number of guys who just don't know this treatment exists."