An engineer who drove off from a court car park minutes after being banned from the road was arrested again within 50 yards.

Scott Harber, 24, decided to drive off despite being banned for speeding but was unaware he was being monitored on CCTV cameras.

He barely made it out of the Perth Sheriff Court car park on Thursday before police officers intercepted him and he was locked up in police cells overnight.

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Yesterday, Harber, of Jarrow, Tyne and Wear, appeared in the dock again and admitted driving while he was disqualified and without any insurance on January 30.

The original three-month ban imposed at the JP court on Thursday was quadrupled to 12 months and he was also fined a further £500.

Fiscal depute Lisa Marshall told the sheriff court: "The circumstances are that the accused appeared at the JP court round the corner and was disqualified for three months. He surrendered his driving licence and was told he was no longer permitted to drive. The police were made aware that it was possible he may try and drive home to England.

"Just before 11am, two police officers saw the accused driving in Canal Street. He was immediately stopped and admitted to police that he had just been disqualified."

Solicitor Mark Alder, defending, said: "He tells me that he did understand that he was not supposed to drive and his intention in doing so was to move his car from the short stay car park near the court to an overnight car park.

"He accepts that he knew that even over that short distance he was not supposed to drive. He simply took a chance."