EQUAL rights campaigners have been boosted by reports that gay couples may be tying the knot in Scotland by the end of the year.

It comes after the Scottish Government raised their hopes ahead of the expected passing of the Marriage and Civil Partnership Bill in a final vote tomorrow.

It had been expected the first ceremonies involving same-sex couples would not take place until 2015. The Scottish Government, however, is committed to working with the UK Government to speed up the process if it passes the stage- three vote at Holyrood.

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Tom French, Policy Coordinator for the Equality Network, the LGBT campaign group and charity said; "We want to see the first same-sex marriages take place in Scotland as soon as possible, so we are delighted to hear the Scottish Government are working to make that happen.

"If our MSPs pass the equal marriage bill this week 2014 will be a milestone year. We know many couples are looking forward to planning their wedding and it's great news their big day may now come sooner than expected."