FOR a man planning to lead Britain, being left off the list of the 100 best-connected men in the country is not great.

It is even less good when the list includes your brother, a junior colleague and your spin doctor.

The snubbed individual in question is Ed Miliband.

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The list, published in GQ magazine, aims to identify men exercising influence by their networking not only in politics but also the media, business, sport, PR and culture.

The top 100 are not ranked in order of importance, but politicians who make the cut include Prime Minister David Cameron, London Mayor Boris Johnson and the Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt.

Other names on the list include tennis hero Andy Murray, TV host Stephen Fry, actor Benedit Cumberbatch and PR chief Matthew Freud, described as "probably the best-connected man in Britain".

To Mr Miliband's ­embarrassment, his brother David, who now heads an international aid charity, is listed for "reinventing himself as a world-stage player" by "schmoozing" with media moguls and bankers, while Ed "struggles to reinvent Labour in time for the next election".

Perhaps adding even more ­embarrassment is the ­inclusion of Tom Baldwin, the Labour leader's communications chief, described as "a cross between Alastair Campbell, Hunter S Thompson and Rasputin".

But perhaps Mr Miliband can take solace in the fact there is another omission - Nick Clegg.