The UK is working with international partners to draw up a new United Nations security council (UNSC) resolution on Syria in response to the deteriorating humanitarian situation there.

Foreign Secretary William Hague said there was a "compelling" case for the UNSC to take a fresh look at the issue following the "barrel bomb" attack on Aleppo.

He condemned the "grotesque and utterly unacceptable" situation in Homs and other besieged areas, where president Bashar Assad's regime have been accused of trying to starve the population into submission.

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The Foreign Office confirmed that efforts to bring the issue back for discussion by the UNSC had begun.

Speaking after a meeting with German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Mr Hague said: "I deplore the reported killing of over 80 people in Aleppo this weekend, by the regime deliberately unleashing barrel bombs on the civilian population.

"The United Kingdom believes that there is a compelling case for bringing the humanitarian situation back under discussion in the security council.

"I have discussed with the (German) foreign minister today this and other steps to ensure that aid reaches all those in Syria who need it."