POPE Francis has appointed a new Catholic bishop to the Diocese of Paisley.

Father John Keenan, a parish priest at St Patrick's Church in Glasgow, will fill the post vacated by Bishop Philip Tartaglia when he became Archbishop of Glasgow.

Bishop-Elect Keenan said: "While nervous at my appointment, I have been very uplifted at the congratulations and good wishes I have received so far which have given more confidence. This is an exciting time in the church under Pope Francis' lively leadership and I hope to put as much of his vision into my own personal life and ministry as I can. I know many people in Paisley and Glasgow will be praying for me and I thank them."

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Archbishop Tartaglia said: "As Archbishop of Glasgow, I am glad that a priest of the archdiocese has been named by Pope Francis as Bishop of Paisley.

"Father Keenan has been a much-loved and respected parish priest, and an inspirational Catholic chaplain to Glasgow University Turnbull Hall.

"His appointment gives me a huge headache in trying to replace him. But, in the Church, when one part of the body is made stronger, the whole body benefits. So, in this case, Paisley's delight is Glasgow's joy, and I am certain that Fr Keenan will be a fine bishop for Paisley."