BRITAIN is still failing to fully embrace cycling despite having so many sporting successes on two wheels, Olympic gold medal winner Chris Boardman has said.

Britain can boast Tour de France and Olympic triumphs such as the ­accomplishments of Sir Chris Hoy but the country has not truly embedded cycling into everyday culture, Mr Boardman said.

Mr Boardman, who is British Cycling's policy adviser, said: "Britain is now one of the most successful cycling nations in the world. How can we be getting it so right in terms of elite success but still be failing to truly embed cycling as an everyday part of British culture?

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"In the 1970s, the Netherlands made a conscious choice to put people first and make cycling and walking their preferred means of transport. It is no coincidence that they are also one of the healthiest and happiest nations in the world.

"Local and national government needs to wake up and realise that cycling is the solution to so many of the major problems Britain is now facing."

A 10-point British Cycling manifesto published by British Cycling today seeks ways to get cycling in Britain at the levels seen in the Netherlands and Denmark.

A Transport Scotland spokesman said: "The Scottish Government is committed to promoting sustainable and active travel and to achieving Scotland's 10% vision for cycling by 2020. Current spending on cycling and walking across Scotland is at its highest ever level."