TRUCKERS have renewed their appeals for advance notice of road disruption expected to be caused by this summer's Commonwealth Games.

The Freight Transport Association has been asking for information since September last year but is still to get any.

The body, which represents firms operating 220,000 lorries, half Britain's total, as well as rail, air and sea shippers, is particularly eager to hear where congestion is expected. Head of policy for Scotland, Chris MacRae, said: "Planning is key to delivering essential food, drink and supplies not only to the event but also to the residents and businesses of the city, and in order to do so, FTA realises that preparation is vital and is asking Glasgow 2014 for important information to help our members plan ahead."

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Other details the FTA has sought but failed to receive including any special traffic management or parking arrangements and details of use by roads for sporting events.

The body said it worked closely with London Olympics organisers and hoped to do the same in Glasgow.

It first sought such co-operation back in September of last year. At the time, Mr MacRae said: "The information doesn't need to be perfect ... but we can't plan if we don't have anything."

A Glasgow 2014 spokeswoman said: "Glasgow 2014 holds regular discussions with freight organisations including the FTA and is also in the process of establishing a specific freight forum in association with the FTA which will work closely with them from now until the Games to help with their planning."