A MAN who raped a woman in Scotland has been named as one of Britain's 'most wanted' suspects who have fled to the Netherlands.

Rezgar Zengana, 31, is being sought by Police Scotland after he posed as a taxi driver and raped a 25-year-old woman in Edinburgh.

Zengana fled in 2008 after being convicted of rape at the High Court in Glasgow.

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Police believe he is at large in Holland and yesterday issued an appeal for information of his whereabouts.

The rapist was one of eight 'most wanted' criminals suspected of offences including drug smuggling and rape who are thought to be hiding in the Netherlands.

The rogues gallery includes accused or convicted members of organised crime networks who have fled justice in the UK and are thought to be hiding in or around Amsterdam.

Hank Cole, head of international operations for the NCA, said: "The NCA and its partners continue to pursue fugitives relentlessly."

Crimestoppers' list features Robert Gerrard, 50, Mark Fitzgibbon, 42, and Michael Moogan, 28, all from Liverpool, Mark Liscott, 53, originally from Birmingham, Thomas Tooth, 30, and Liam Fynes, 56, both Greater Manchester, and James Tarrant, 58, Waltham Abbey, Essex.