ROADWORKS and potholes are people's pet hates in Edinburgh, but most residents are generally satisfied with the city as a place to live, according to a survey .

The findings show 87% of those questioned are satisfied with the way Edinburgh City Council is managing neighbourhoods, up 20% on a 2008 poll, and comes despite the local authority announcing budget cuts of £36 million for this year.

The council poll also says 96% of residents are satisfied with the city as place to live.

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Satisfaction with how the council manages the city overall has risen to 74% from a low of 35% in 2009.

The public's priorities for improvement include roads maintenance, street cleaning and refuse collection, and tackling dog fouling. However, the state of the roads has the lowest satisfaction rate - 53% - than any other service and this remains unchanged over the last five years.

It comes as drivers face a further double blow with an increase in charges for parking and permits in the city.

Andrew Burns, leader of the Labour-SNP run council, said the top line figures "continue to offer great encouragement and reassurance that, broadly speaking, residents believe we are managing their city well".

He added: "We will make sure we tackle those areas where the survey shows we need to do more."