World heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko has designed a new alphabet - using the full power of his 12-and-a-half inch fists.

The 6ft 6in Ukrainian created a new font by punching blue paint onto giant canvases, all in the name of his charity.

The 'fist font' canvases are being sold on eBay for charity, and fans can download the font from the website of typeface provider Monotype.

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Wladimir, whose brother Vitali is an unofficial leader in the anti-government protests in Kiev, hopes to raise money to help the 250 million children worldwide who have no access to education.

He said: "Charity means to give something back and usually you shake hands on the red carpet and say something. But today was a little different and I've done it the way I can do it the best - with boxing!

"Over 250 million children around the world are illiterate and will only have a future if they have an education - today we're trying to make it happen."

Frank Wildenberg, managing director of Monotype, said: "This is a great effort by Wladimir Klitschko to bring attention to the problem of illiteracy which affects children internationally.

"This campaign worked with our typeface experts to offer the public a 'fist font' that is striking, but also easy to read. We're proud that Monotype is in the corner of a world heavyweight boxing champion helping children to read."

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