ED Miliband's stance on welfare and even his flagship cost-of-living policy have been attacked by one of his own MPs.

Rochdale MP Simon ­Danczuk also suggested the team around the Labour leader was weak in comparison to that which supported Tony Blair.

He made fun of Mr Miliband's flagship One Nation Labour slogan.

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Labour are ahead of the Tories in the polls but there is increasing concern among some of the party's MPs that could evaporate as the next general election approaches.

Mr Danczuk said Mr Miliband's cost-of-living campaign was now "probably at the end of its sell-by date". The party had "got it wrong" on immigration and failed "to send people back" to their home countries, should get tougher on welfare and the One Nation slogan is "over-used and hackneyed", he was also reported as saying.

He also suggested in a magazine interview Mr Miliband's Shadow Cabinet was "one-dimensional" compared to Mr Blair's team.

He added: "One Nation isn't tied to anything, is it? It was a great speech, but it's over-used, hackneyed."

Last summer a number of Labour MP expressed concerns about Mr Miliband's leadership. At that stage they focussed on what they said was a lack of policy initiatives in key areas, including welfare.

But Mr Miliband appeared to assuage those doubts by attacking the Tories over the cost of living and unveiling a hugely-popular plan to freeze energy prices.

Mr Danczuk's comments came as Mr Miliband spoke of how he had failed in his attempts to make Prime Minister's Questions less confrontational. He blamed the "cauldron" of the House of Commons.

Last week Speaker John Bercow called for a curb on what he described as the "yobbery" of PMQs.

Mr Miliband said in a radio interview: "I think it was President Obama who said you can disagree without being disagreeable and in a way maybe that's a sort of lesson for Prime Minister's Questions."