A POLICEMAN was throttled and kicked unconscious and another picked up and thrown through a door by a man so strong he buckled his handcuffs.

Ian McGaw threw five officers around "like rag dolls" and fought on despite being sprayed with tear gas.

McGaw, 26, faces a lengthy jail sentence after admitting multiple assaults and endangering one constable's life.

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The incident, last October, erupted after McGaw threw a firework into a play park in Galston.

Officers went to a nearby house where men, including McGaw, had been seen entering, Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard. McGaw showed signs of built-up aggression and a policewoman and sergeant attempted to handcuff him.

But McGaw managed to pick up the sergeant and threw him through a closed door into the next room.

Stephanie MacDonald, prosecuting, said: "The sergeant got up and saw five officers being treated, as he described it, like rag dolls."

McGaw fell to his knees after being sprayed twice with CS gas while co-accused Dean Stevenson, punched an officer in the face.

McGaw and Stevenson, 19 admitted the charges against them. Sentence was deferred until next month and they were remanded in custody.