Scots comedian Kevin Bridges has had the last laugh at people trying to cash in on his fame after he trademarked his name.

The stand-up has joined tennis star Andy Murray and other leading sportsmen and celebrities by winning approval for exclusive rights to his own branded products.

The move aims to prevent traders using his name without permission.

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Bridges, 27, from Clydebank, launched an online store on his website last year and is now looking to expand his range of goods.

The trademark covers DVDs, computer games, clothing, stationery and mobile phone ring tones bearing his name. It also covers toys and even key rings.

The application, via a company called El Tiburon, was formally accepted by the UK Intellectual ­Property Office after there were no objections.

Aside from the Wimbledon winner, other famous figures who have made the move include Roger Federer, the Beckhams and Gareth Bale. However, Sir Alex Ferguson failed in a bid in 2005.